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Practice Management: The Employee Relationship Way

To get the most efficiency out of all your business practices, you should treat employees like you treat your customers.

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Practice management is based on finding the most efficient ways to optimize and achieve your business goals. And although service and software are valuable, there are a few overlooked internal practice management tools, too.

One in particular is how businesses treat employees. And in order to get the most efficiency out of all your business practices, an effective approach is to treat employees like you treat your customers. Here’s why.

1. Responsibility and authority delegation can be maintained.

Job delegation is one of the most valuable—and empowering—tools managers can use to increase employee loyalty. And more importantly, it limits the number of employees reporting to managers. This in itself leads to increased efficiency through focus, engagement, and awareness.

And as this kind of treatment gets passed down to customers from employees, satisfaction increases. Customers treated with focus, engagement, and awareness are much more likely to remain brand loyal. And that’s best achieved through controlling the amount of customers per employee.

Think about the overwhelmed salesperson taking on entirely too many clients or leads. Now, how likely are they to close deals and ensure customer satisfaction if they can’t provide the proper experience? Not very likely.

2. Establishing employee satisfaction in brand values correlates with customer satisfaction.

When your brand decides it wants to place emphasis on employee satisfaction, you’re setting the stage for valued employees. And that kind of thriving environment establishes more pride, more motivation, and more meaningful results in your employees and subsequently, your customers.

Those established brand values trickle from top to bottom through effective training, communication, and goal setting. Not only does it resonate with employees, but also customers as it’s passed through the funnel.

Addressing important attributes like needs, benefits, and perceived quality within your employee base leads to those same qualities being addressed in your customer base.

3. Tracking employee success can potentially streamline tracking customer satisfaction.

Accounting practice management software is now a viable—and extremely valuable—option for businesses looking to efficiently achieve their objectives. With the ability to address everything from Human Resources down to Marketing, practice management tools are easy and efficient solutions for any business.

Take, for example, Canopy.  It gives you the opportunity to manage customer relationships through your employees’ workflow, billing, and calendars, all in a collaborative platform.

Streamlining this professional service smoothes out the wrinkles many accounting professionals have managing clients, schedules, billing, and communication. By increasing in-house efficiency and productivity, you’re making the employee experience better. And that always leads to an amazing customer experience.

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