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Mar 9, 2022 3 min read

Product Feedback: We Want To Hear From You! 

We want to hear from you! With Canopy's new product feedback tool, you can leave feature suggestions and vote on other users' feedback. Learn more here.

Product Feedback: We Want To Hear From You!

What's New:

Canopy values and actively seeks out product feedback. Because it’s so important to us, we recently decided to overhaul how it works so it’s easier for Canopy users to engage with. Now users can easily:

  • Leave product feedback while you’re working in Canopy—no phone call required.
  • Vote in favor of product feedback left by other Canopy users. 
  • Get notified when product feedback you’ve left has changed status or been released.

How it works:

Once you’ve logged into Canopy’s online feedback portal, you can leave new feedback or add your vote or voice (or both) to existing feedback. There’s a search bar on the main page, or you can navigate to different feedback categories which also contain search bars and subcategories.

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If nobody has left feedback on a specific topic, it’s easy to add a new piece of feedback. It’s also easy to vote on existing feedback and leave comments if you have additional or related insights to add. The great thing about Canopy’s online feedback portal is that because it’s linked to your Canopy account, we can reach out if we have more questions.

Also, if you’ve left or voted on feedback you’ll be notified when that feedback item changes status or is released! 


Why it matters:

Here at Canopy, we strive to make the best products so you can easily manage your firm. That’s why your feedback is extremely valuable in our process of making improvements or releasing new features in the future. With our new process, we’ve made it easy and simple for you to record new ideas or vote for existing ones. We’ve also made it easier for us to communicate with you when there are updates or releases based on your feedback. Together we’ll make a better way for you to run your firm. Now, there will be no hassle when you have a suggestion to make our software even better for your firm and our other users too. 

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Where to find it:

You can access Canopy’s online feedback portal by navigating to or from inside of Canopy. 

To leave feedback when you’re logged into Canopy: Click on your profile in the lower left corner and select “Suggest a feature” from the pop-out menu. Once you are logged into Canopy, you will also be logged into Canopy’s online feedback portal and you should be taken directly to the feedback portal. 

Get started:

Submit Feedback and Feature Requests

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