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Feb 6, 2020 3 min read

Tax Season Product Update

With new product updates this month, Canopy is here to help you bolster efficiency and deliver on service that delights your clients this tax season.

Tax Season Product Update

The first month of 2020 has come and gone, and you and your firm are likely already on high alert for the imminent tax season. And with our new suite of updates this month, Canopy is here to help you bolster efficiency and deliver on a service that delights your clients.

Our product team has been listening to your suggestions and concerns, and we are proud to unveil seven amazing updates and features to augment the Canopy environment—all while keeping the processes at the core of your workflow the same. Some of these features are available right now, and some will be coming out in the next few weeks. 


Changes to KBA credits

We have two notable changes being made to KBA credits this month. First, we are reducing the price per signature to $1.25. That’s about half of the original cost. We are also implementing self-service functionality for purchasing KBA credits in the next few weeks, meaning you will no longer need to call in to purchase additional credits. We hope both of these changes will afford your practice more time and money going forward.

Scan to functionality

Last month, we brought you the ability to print files directly into Canopy through the use of the desktop assistant. This month, we will be launching an update allowing you to scan files into Canopy. Scan to functionality is compatible with any scanner and will save you several steps in transferring physical documents and forms into Canopy.

Global client request

You are more in touch with your clients than ever during tax season, so we wanted to make it easier for you to get those requests for information out to your clients. Simply click the global add icon to begin drafting a new client request. We have also added the option to add a client request to a contact’s existing task, ensuring you never lose track of who needs to send what and when.

Client Portal mobile app: e-sign and mobile scan to

We are adding two new features to the Client Portal mobile app to enhance the experience for your clients on the go. The first is the ability for a client to easily sign documents on their mobile phones with just a few simple clicks. And now clients will also be able to scan files directly into the Client Portal using their smartphone’s camera. Both of these additions better equip your customers to deliver those important documents quicker than ever.

New projects dashboard

Tracking billable hours is a necessary evil in the world of accounting. However, Canopy’s new projects dashboard makes this clerical task less of a hassle. Easily create new projects, assign team members, designate services, and budget hours all in one place. The new projects dashboard will give you a bird’s eye view of what your team is working on and how much time and money is being spent, ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks.

Save transcripts

You now have the ability to save transcripts to a client’s files. Simply pressing the save button while viewing transcript reports or documents saves them to a specific contact. You can select which existing folders to save to, or you can create a new folder. This will save you time in comparison to the previous method of having to download then re-upload to files.

Navigation updates

Lastly, we have updated both navigation bars—both globally and on the contact profile. This will help you find everything you need more quickly, improving daily workflow.

We hope that these changes will be impactful for you, your team, and your clients, and we wish you all the luck during the busy season. We will not be releasing any updates during this time, but rest assured that we will be hard at work to bring you more feature updates in the spring. Happy filing!

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