Add Profile Pictures To Your Internal Team Within Canopy

A profile photo helps personalize and humanize your team members. Check out Canopy's new profile photo feature, which is available on our platform now.

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What's New:

Say goodbye to faceless interactions within Canopy’s platform! Now, your internal team members have the option to add a profile picture to their account.

How it works:

Users can navigate to their profile settings and upload a photo of their choice. Once that’s done, as you and your team navigate through most areas of Canopy, you’ll see a profile photo next to your team member’s name. For example, you should notice profile photos now appear in the lower left navigation bar, inbox, client records, settings, and other places throughout Canopy. Watch for profile photos coming to internal communications related to client requests and workflow in the near future.

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Why it matters:

We know the accountant stereotype says that accountants like numbers, but we also know that you want things to look good and be easy to navigate. A profile photo helps personalize and humanize your team members (especially when working remotely) and many people find it’s easier to find, remember, and navigate information when it’s paired with an image.

Where to find it:

This feature is available in the Client Management module. 

Get started: 

Update your profile

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