Product Update: Mobile Document Interaction Enhancements

We’ve increased the speed at which files can load and improved the experience of fillable PDFs. Learn more about this exciting update here.

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What's new:

Both the Canopy Practitioner app and the Canopy Client Portal app have updated document viewing and interacting capabilities so users can now view and interact on the go just as they would on the web.

We’ve increased the speed at which files can load, improved the experience of fillable PDFs, and added annotating and highlighting for easy document interaction.

Why it matters:

Document viewing and interacting are the top behaviors on both Canopy mobile apps. And for a good reason. Documents contain a plethora of information. Viewing and interacting with them on the go or away from your computer is an easy way to find information, complete tasks, and collaborate with colleagues.

We’ve also optimized this functionality for iPads and Android tablets. When it comes to going paperless, tablets are key. Do all that you would do to a physical document– highlight, take a note, share with a colleague—but do it 100% paperless through the app on your iPad or tablet.

Where to find it: 

Available in both Canopy mobile apps with the Document Management Module. 

Get started:

To learn more, click here!