Katie Tolin

Katie Tolin is president of CPA Growth Guides where she helps firms and other businesses in the accounting industry connect the dots between strategy and action to ensure they receive a positive ROI for their growth efforts.

10 Things Accountants Should Know About Marketing

Marketing is instrumental to your success whether you want to do it or not. Think about it, you are not compensated for marketing. You don’t get to bill your marketing time to...

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How to Automate Your Accounting Workflow and Reshape Your Firm

Learn from experts Donny Shimamoto, Katie Tolin and Jonathan Timothy as they discuss how automating your firm's workflow can transform your firm for...

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Why You Need Client Experience Processes

As service providers, accountants have always paid close attention to providing exceptional client service to their clients. While that’s still imperative, client service is not...

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5 Ways to Focus on Smart Growth

“If you are not growing, you are dying.”

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How Much Should An Accounting Firm Spend On Marketing?

Marketing budgets are clearly not one-size-fits-all. It’s no wonder accountants struggle with determining how much to spend on marketing. In one case, you talk to peers and hear...

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Why You Need a Growth Strategy

Should you join ABC organization? How about purchase an ad in XYZ publication? Or set up a table at the upcoming 123 event? If you find yourself contemplating these types of...

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How to Market Your Tax Specialty to Your Target Niche

There are 1.2 million tax preparers in the United States. What sets you apart from your competitor down the street? It’s not the quality of your work, as that’s impossible to...

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