Case Studies

Using Data from Canopy Insights Improves Harvest Accounting Firm...

Profile: Harvest Accounting Firm, founded in August 2020, specializes in serving small family-owned and operated businesses across various industries. With a focus on businesses...

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BookSmarts Tax & Accounting Services: Maximizing Efficiency and...

"The real value of Canopy is how it comes together — I think Canopy understands what's going on in a firm." Profile BookSmarts Tax & Accounting Services is a year-round small...

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SMD Consulting & Accounting, LLC: Canopy Creates an Easy Transition...

"Canopy better serves our needs, has more efficiencies, and it's better cost saving when we take it in and aggregate to all of our other tools." - Sean Duncan, Founder SMD...

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Financial Harmony Tax Resolution: Increased Job Satisfaction With...

"I like to keep everything in one place. Canopy is perfect for that." — Ralph Nelson, of Financial Harmony Tax Resolution Background Charlie hadn't filed a tax return in 20 years...

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Hurwitz Tax Solutions: Canopy’s Collections Workflow Reduces...

"Everyone is so computer savvy these days. When my clients sit down to fill out the survey on Canopy, it feels easier." — Lewis Hurwitz, of Hurwitz Tax Solutions. Background The...

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Northwest Tax Associates: Faster and More Secure with Canopy

"I’m able to spend more quality time with my clients. And because I’m more organized and the client has already been able to complete a lot of the paperwork through the client...

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America’s Choice Bookkeeping: Managing a National Clientele with...

"Our clients love Canopy. It’s so easy for them to register for the portal and upload their documents there." — Robert Azar, of America's Choice Bookkeeping and Tax Services....

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Canopy’s Intuitive Interface Makes Employee Onboarding Easy

"The whole thing is just so easy to navigate, which makes it easy to train my staff — which is actually one of the main reasons I chose Canopy over the other software I tried."...

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Keith Jones, CPA: Using Canopy As An All-In-One Software Solution

"My average tax res case takes 75% less time now, compared to before I started using Canopy." — Keith Jones, CPA Background Keith Jones, CPA, is a busy tax resolution expert and a...

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Integrated Financial Group: Accounting Firm Attracts 95% of Clients...

“It's our hub for everything — it controls our workflow, it controls our clients' communication, it is our server, if you will, for client documents and storage. It's really the...

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Canopy Helps Accounting Firm Improve Onboarding Processes

"We log into Canopy in the morning and then when we log out in the afternoon, we're logging out of Canopy. We're literally using it as our workflow management with it throughout...

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Organize Your Workflow and Prioritize Growth

“It's the hub. So, if I want to see everything that we've committed to and what everyone's working on, I have one place to go.”—Chris Mossa, Founder and CEO Background CPM...

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Tax Clinic Able To Serve 30% More Clients Thanks To Canopy Donation

“We wouldn't have been able to do it this year without Canopy—we wouldn’t have been able to serve 615 people.” — Sherry Almquist, EA and director of Centro Hispano Tax Clinic...

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Parakletos Bookkeeping: This Bookkeeping Team Raised Profits By $270K...

“Canopy is that extra person in our department that really allows us to grease all the gears and make sure that everything is moving smoothly.” — Brielle Beard, head of the...

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Angie Lucas Case Study

Angie Lucas, a self-made author, experiences seemless communication with her CPA due to Canopy's client portal.

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