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Dec 28, 2016 2 min read

The Ultimate Tax Resolution Workflow (Infographic)

With new practice management software solutions, tax pros can streamline the tax resolution workflow process and maximize efficiency.

The Ultimate Tax Resolution Workflow (Infographic)

Tax resolution cases require a lot of information from your clients. That means that you likely spend a lot of time preparing paperwork to send to clients and then waiting around for them to complete the paperwork and send it back. But what if you didn't have to spend hours filling out paperwork by hand and weeks waiting on clients?

With new accounting practice management software solutions like Canopy, tax pros can streamline the tax resolution workflow process and maximize efficiency. That means less time spent filling out paperwork and less time spent waiting, which allows you to take on more cases and ultimately, make more money.

Introducing: the ultimate tax resolution workflow that will revolutionize how you work tax resolution cases.

tax resolution workflow

Step 1: Invite your clients to their own secure portal on Canopy where they can complete tasks, share documents, and see how their case is progressing.

Step 2: Draft your engagement letter using your custom template.

Step 3: Send the letter to your client's Canopy portal and request an e-Signature.

Step 4: Start collecting info from your client in a collaborative client survey.

Step 5: Request IRS transcripts in just a few clicks and receive them, along with intuitive reports, in as little as two minutes.

Step 6: Manage your clients' documents, data, and engagements all in one place on our beautifully designed user interface.

Step 7: Keep track of your engagements' progression so you never miss a deadline.

Step 8: Allow Canopy to suggest the best outcome of whatever type of case you're working on.

Step 9: Select the IRS Forms you needlet Canopy auto-populate them, make any adjustments you need, and then quickly print and send.

Step 10: When the case is complete, send and track invoices in the same place you manage all of your other client work.

Sound easy? It is. But don't take our word for it. Request a free trial of Canopy and try it yourself. We promise you'll never want to go back to doing tax resolution work the old way.

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