Product Updates

Product Updates

Seamlessly Link Time Entries to Any Invoice

Recording time on invoices is now easier to manage. Users with a Time & Billing license can now associate any recorded time en...

Task template automation
Product Updates

Save More Time with Canopy’s Automated Workflow Templates 

Great news! Now automation conditions and actions can be applied on tasks and subtasks within Workflow templates, saving your firm...

Product Updates

Get More with Canopy’s QuickBooks Online Integration Enhancements

With Canopy, you can now sync more valuable fields and information from QuickBooks Online (QBO). Learn more about this exciting up...

Easily Switch Between Canopy Accounts Across All Modules

The pain of remembering multiple usernames and passwords is real. Being able to easily swap between accounts provides a smoother e...

canopy invoice reminders
Product Updates

Save Time with Canopy Invoice Reminders 

No more manually following up with individual clients if their invoice is coming due or is overdue for a specified amount of time.

Product Updates

Simplify File Management With Canopy’s Virtual Drive

Access, organize, edit, sync, and otherwise manage your files and folders in Canopy from a mapped drive on your Windows computer. 

Product Updates

Workflow Automation Now Available For Tasks & Subtasks

With Canopy’s Workflow module, you can now save time by automating specific rules related to your tasks and subtasks. Learn more h...

Account for multiple rates per user
Product Updates

Account for Multiple Rates Per User with Canopy

Assign multiple rates to an invoice based on who in the firm performed the work and what kind of work was accomplished.

Product Updates

Processing Retainer Payments Within Canopy is Seamless

The Time & Billing Module lets users process payments that are not associated with an invoice, allowing practitioners to take ...

canopy app dashboard
Product Updates

Update: Improved Task Dashboard Experience in the Practitioner App

Check out what’s new in the latest Canopy Mobile App 1.18.0 release.

Product Updates

View and Edit Task Priorities in Canopy's Practitioner App

Check out what’s new in the latest Canopy Mobile App 1.17.0 release here.

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