The 5 Steps to Starting a Virtual Tax Practice

IRS Releases New Form W-4, Updates Withholding Calculator

On Feb. 28, the IRS announced a new version of Form W-4 and an updated Withholding Calculator, incorporating changes made under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

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The First Step to Starting a Virtual Tax Practice

We teamed up with Jason Blumer, owner of Blumer CPAs, to write an ebook about starting a virtual tax practice. Jason went virtual in anticipation of a different lifestyle and...

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Changes to First Time Abatement You Need to Know

First Time Abatement, or FTA, can be a great way to eliminate penalties for a client with good tax history. FTA is a pretty straightforward abatement, but there has been enough...

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Your Quick Guide to IRS Notices

It’s important to be aware of different types of IRS notices that may be sent to your clients. These letters can understandably cause quite a bit of stress for the recipient. Any...

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Top 10 Tax and Accounting Pros to Follow on Social Media in 2018

Big shifts are taking place in the accounting industry —from the new tax policy to the increasing relevance of blockchain and AI—and tax and accounting professionals are doing...

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Tower Financial Partners: Using Canopy to Attract Millennial Clients

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Video: Tips for Filling Out Form 9465, Installment Agreement Request

We've put together a brand new video to help you when you're working on an installment agreement. In this video, we cover some quick tips on how to fill out IRS Form 9465. Watch...

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2018 Tax Resolution Pricing Report Survey (Plus a Chance to Win a $50...

Our free 2017 Tax Resolution Pricing Report was one of our most popular downloadable resources last year. Thousands of tax pros downloaded it in their search for the latest...

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What the Accounting Industry Can Learn from the Silicon Slopes Tech...

We recently had the chance to attend a huge technology conference right in our own backyard: the Silicon Slopes Tech Summit. With speakers such as Steve Young, Omar Johnson...

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First 30 Days of the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act

It’s been 30 days since the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act passed, and companies around the U.S. have already been responding. Because of the corporate tax rate being cut from 35% to 21%,...

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Feature Update: New Transcripts Experience

Canopy’s free, 2-minute Transcripts Tool just became even more efficient. We’ve already made a few changes to work with the IRS two-factor authentication update, and now we’re...

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How to Request Penalty Abatement

Let’s say you’ve determined that your client is eligible for a penalty abatement to help reduce their tax debt. How do you go about actually requesting a penalty abatement from...

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Blockchain Demystified

Why Canopy is a Unique Place for Software Engineers

Tech startups in need of engineers are sprouting up all across the Silicon Slopes, but the Canopy engineering team is unique. We have daily standups, full transparency (and we...

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