Marketing Your Tax Resolution Practice

With 61% of global internet users researching products and companies online, your tax resolution practice needs an online presence. To attract customers to your tax resolution...

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Resources to Help You Succeed with Canopy

Customer success is important to us at Canopy! We want everyone who uses our accounting software to be successful and have a great experience. So we've rounded up a few resources...

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How to Become an Enrolled Agent

An enrolled agent is a federally-certified tax practitioner who can represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled agents help...

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New Feature: The Canopy Client Survey

Tax resolution has never been simple. From individuals filing incomplete or incorrect tax returns to company-wide audits, situations vary and require an immense amount of time...

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Canopy: Tax Resolution Software Built With You in Mind

The tax resolution industry is one of the most under-served areas in accounting. Every year, there are over 8 million delinquent tax accounts. Despite the large number of tax...

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Tax Resolution Basics

Tax resolution is an essential service in the tax industry. CPA practices can expand their service offerings and build new business by taking on tax resolution clients. If you are...

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Interview Series with Canopy's Founder, Kurt Avarell

Canopy founder Kurt Avarell acutely remembers the strain a paper-heavy workflow puts on the relationship between accountants and their clients. That is why he created Canopy - a...

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CRM Tool Automates Tax Resolution for Accountants

Starting your own business as an independent CPA provides a number of benefits––the freedom to create your own schedule, the independence to set your business strategy, and the...

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Digital Marketing and Your Tax Practice

The rise of digital marketing over the last 15 years has changed the environment for small-to-medium sized businesses looking to grow their clientele. In fact, marketing budgets...

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How to Leverage Your Network For Your Tax Practice

As a tax practice entrepreneur, your success depends not only on your own skills and determination but also on your relationships with a wide circle of colleagues, partners,...

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Harnessing the Power of Online Reviews

As most business owners know, having your customers or clients give you a referral is pure gold. When people research a company or product, they want to hear from a real, live...

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Six Steps to Make Your Tax Practice a Success

When I set out to start my business, I felt a little overwhelmed ― it seems like there are as many ways to run a business as there are minivans in the Costco parking lot. I...

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4 Steps to Leverage Your Network and Build Your Accounting Practice

Networking is not something that comes naturally to many people, but it’s a necessary part of running and growing a small business, and CPA practices are no exception.

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How To Add An Extra $20,000 Per Month To Your Tax Practice

One of the most common challenges faced by tax practitioners is how to maintain, or even grow, their monthly revenues after the close of tax season. Adding tax resolution services...

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Infographic: What do small businesses really want from their...

As accountants, you know the importance of client satisfaction—they are the backbone of your business after all. Wouldn’t it be nice to know what was going on inside their heads?...

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