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Offer in Compromise: Basics and Applications

How to Convert a Tax Resolution Lead to a Client

Your initial interactions with a tax resolution lead can make all the difference when it comes to converting prospective clients to paying customers. You should have two goals in...

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Financial Harmony Tax Resolution: Increased Job Satisfaction With...

Charlie* hadn't filed a tax return in 20 years when he was referred to Financial Harmony Tax Resolution. With Ralph’s compassionate and professional help, Charlie successfully...

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10 Tax Professionals You Should be Following on Social Media

Being a tax professional isn't all about crunching numbers day-in and day-out, and we've put together a list of 10 tax pros who prove that. From their hobbies to their accolades,...

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IRS Transcripts in 2 Minutes

Have you tried out Instant IRS Transcripts yet? (If not, you can try a free trial here!) Canopy users are loving this painless way to pull and read IRS transcripts in as little as...

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The Definitive Guide to Offer in Compromise Rejections

An Offer in Compromise can be a great tool for your clients with an outstanding federal tax debt. This collection remedy allows your clients the chance at a fresh start with the...

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Is Your Firm Secure in the Cloud?

Historically, some accounting professionals have avoided modernizing the tools they use and their accounting practice management software because of cloud security concerns....

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The Benefit of Using Modern Tools in Your Practice

Modern tools can improve every area of your practice, and the best part is, they're easily accessible. If you haven't made the change to a modern practice, you're missing out on...

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New Feature: Improved Contact List Management

Viewing and organizing your contact list within Canopy is now more efficient than ever before.

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6 Proven Ways to Make Clients Happy

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4 Tips for Getting Better Online Reviews

In a world where decision-making processes often begin with a Google search, online reviews are undeniably impactful. According to a 2013 survey, as many as 88% of consumers say...

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How to Choose Tax Resolution Clients

Many people avoid Tax Resolution because they believe the IRS never accepts offers. Don’t stress over the IRS.

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Free ebook: 7 Big Reasons You Should Offer Tax Resolution

Have you been considering growing your practice by offering new services? Wondering how to solve your accounts receivable issues? Looking for lucrative services to supplement your...

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3 Keys to Smarter Client Follow-Up

Following up with potential, current, and former clients is crucial for gaining business and nurturing professional relationships. There are different kinds of client follow-up...

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How to Build Trust with Your Tax Resolution Clients

It's no secret that Tax Resolution has garnered a bit of a bad reputation. After all, there have been several incidents of supposed Tax Resolution companies scamming clients—...

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