5 Must-Read Books For Accountants

For most accountants, January through April is the worst time of the year—the dreaded tax season is finally here and it can seem never-ending when you’re right in the middle of...

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Wise Words About Money From Past U.S. Presidents

In honor of President’s Day coming up on Monday, we decided to delve into the financial advice offered by former leaders of the free world. Even though some of these men lived...

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3 Easy Ways To Celebrate National Have Fun At Work Day

Having fun at work might sound like an oxymoron at first, especially in the middle of tax season, but with relatively little effort, having fun at work could help boost morale at...

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3 Reasons You Should Keep Your Desk Clean in 2022

Who says the holidays have to end in December!? Did you know this week there is a very important holiday worth celebrating…National Clean Your Desk Day on Jan. 10, 2022! We know...

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7 Funny Memes To Help Accountants Laugh Through Their Week

It's never easy coming back from the holiday break in December and facing work, cold weather and the impending doom of the approaching tax season. To help you combat the...

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3 Tips To Better Work with Clients in Other Time Zones

As an accountant in the modern age, you’re probably working with a lot of clients from all over the world thanks to technology that allows you to work remotely. It can be quite a...

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Are You A Scrooge? 4 Tips To Avoid a Bah-Humbug Attitude at Work

With the holiday season here, you might find yourself watching your favorite seasonal movies, cozying up with a cup of hot chocolate and spending time with loved ones. Or, maybe...

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How To Wish Your Boss a Happy National Boss Day

Did you know that National Boss Day is this weekend? Yep, that's right, on Oct. 16! Unfortunately for some accountants, that's the day after a tax deadline...don't worry though,...

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9 Must-Haves You Need at Your Desk Today

Where do you spend the majority of your workday? Unless you’re a professional athlete (or some other cool job) you probably said a desk. If you're spending the majority of your 40...

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2021 Tax Deadlines in GIFs

Woo-hoo! It's time to celebrate — we are done with yet another tax deadline this year. With Sept. 15 behind us, it's time to take a quick break and recognize all the hard work...

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The Unromantic (But Necessary) Tax and Money Talk Before Marriage

Martha Stewart showcases 37 perfect marriage proposal stories you need to read. Search for marriage proposal ideas, and Google and Pinterest are full of great ideas. Isn’t that...

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What to Know About the 2021 CPA Exam Changes

As we all know, technology is becoming an integral tool in every industry, especially within the finance and accounting world. The world's first accountants used abacuses but as...

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7 of the Funniest Tax Laws in the United States

Start your workday off with a chuckle today and take a look at these strange state tax laws. From fruit in vending machines to splitting hairs with bagels, here are seven of the...

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