10 Best Practice Management Software for Accountants — 2024

With the technological transformation that's taking place in the business landscape, the importance of having the right practice management software has never been more critical...

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24 for 2024: New Workflow Templates with Automations

Updated Tax-Specific Accounting Workflow Templates: At Canopy, we’ve recently improved 24 of our accounting and tax workflow templates by adding helpful automations to save you...

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Why Your Office Should Host a Pumpkin Carving Contest

October is coming — the spookiest time of the year...especially for accountants, considering Oct. 15 is a pretty scary day. So let's turn our focus on the more fun parts of the...

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Celebrate Pi Day 2023: What Pie Flavor Are You?

Happy Pi Day! March 14th is celebrated around the world as Pi Day in honor of the mathematical constant pi (3.14). While mathematicians and scientists celebrate Pi Day with...

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What is a WISP for Accounting and How To Get One

In accounting, WISP stands for Written Information Security Plan. A WISP is a document that accountants are required by law to create. A WISP is your strategy or game plan for...

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Common Accounting Mistakes New Business Owners Make

Starting a new business is a pretty exciting time for any new business owner. The idea that they are beginning something great empowers them to work their hardest and do their...

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Internal Office Communication at Accounting Firms: Exclusive Canopy...

Canopy commissioned an independent research firm to survey 150 US-based accountants about office communication. The margin of error for this study is +/- 6% at the 95% confidence...

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Your Favorite Accountants in Pop Culture

Have you ever wondered how the rest of the world views your job? Entertainment can sometimes give us a peek through that window. Usually, when we want to plug into TV or movies,...

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4 Ways Your Company Can Support LGBTQIA+ Communities

It is officially summer! As we step into summer and into June, we also step into a celebration of the LGBTQIA+ communities. A Gallup poll found the percentage of adults in the...

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4 Ways to Take the Stress Out of Tax Season

Taking the stress out of tax season comes down to having a good plan and efficient tools. Coming up with the right plan and tools might cause more stress. So, we have made it easy...

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The Perfect Music To Get You Through Tax Season

We are in the heart of tax season and it can feel like a never-ending time of year. Music may be just what you need to help boost your mood during tax season. In fact, research...

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You've Heard About Wordle, But What About Mathle?

By now, you’ve likely heard of the popular word game that went viral at the beginning of the year, “Wordle.” The online game has now been purchased by the New York Times and...

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Celebrate Pi Day 2022: What’s Your Favorite Pie?

For all you number-loving accountants out there, today is a special day for you—it’s Pi Day! Yep, pi. As in, 3.14, which is March 14, or 3/14 (get it?) Did you know the symbol for...

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How & Why You Should Celebrate Your Team On Employee Appreciation Day

A whopping 51% of employees are disengaged with their work, with 13% actively disengaged, according to recent research. Being actively disengaged at work means employees feel...

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5 Must-Read Books For Accountants

For most accountants, January through April is the worst time of the year—the dreaded tax season is finally here and it can seem never-ending when you’re right in the middle of...

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