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Embracing Tomorrow: Staying Relevant in the World of Accounting

Staying ahead, (or even keeping stride), with the tech curve is not just an ambition, it’s a necessity. Canopy's latest ebook, "Embracing Tomorrow: The Blueprint of a...

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Matching Client Expectations with Reality

A new challenge faces the rapidly-changing accounting industry: how to bridge the gap between client expectations and reality. In fact, a staggering 72% of clients in the...

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11 Best Practices for How to Find Clients for Accounting Firms

One of the top mistakes accountants make is expecting business to come to them. The best practitioners know that this is not enough. They are constantly looking for opportunities...

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Why Won't My Team Just Accept Change?! (Part 2)

Welcome back!

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Gaynor Meilke on People-Centric Accounting and Technology Friendly...

Looking for a new podcast for accountants? Canopy just released our 12-part accounting podcast called the Practice Success Podcast! Learn more and listen below! In Episode 1 of...

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Essential Skills for Modern Accountants

It's easy to feel overwhelmed with all the skills you need to keep sharp as an accountant. Between keeping up with changing regulations, staying on top of deadlines, and managing...

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Top 3 Business Best Practices of a Well-Oiled Accounting Firm

In our recent Canopy webinar we dove into 3 key topics that can allow firms to make more money and scale their organizations more sustainably. There are so many ways a firm can...

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5 Keys to Success in the Evolving Accounting Industry

The accounting industry is undergoing significant changes in today's fast-paced and technology-driven world. Integrating AI and technological advancements presents challenges and...

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2023 Accounting Practice Management Survey

Executive Summary

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Embracing Inclusion and Belonging: Keys to Longevity and Relevance

In today's fast-paced and ever-changing business landscape, leaders face the challenge of staying relevant to ensure longevity for their organizations. Understanding and embracing...

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Using ChatGPT in Your Accounting Firm (Part 2)

If you've spent any time near a screen lately, you’ve heard of ChatGPT — a language model trained by OpenAI. Every day, a new thread appears of someone who has figured out the...

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Get Paid Faster — 3 Ways to Optimize Payments Processing at Your...

Getting paid is how your accounting firm will stay successful — there's no way around it. When it comes to navigating the nuances of getting paid, it's never simple. Here are top...

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Future of Accounting: 5 Ways to Innovate in 2023

We live in a time where the "best" accounting practices change daily. Keeping track of all the changes in the industry between updates and tech can be overwhelming. Today, most...

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A Basic Guide to Using Email Marketing During Tax Season

According to SUMO, the average financial return for email marketing is $44.25 for every $1 spent! Still think email marketing shouldn’t be a priority for your tax practice during...

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10 Things Accountants Should Know About Marketing

Marketing is instrumental to your success whether you want to do it or not. Think about it, you are not compensated for marketing. You don’t get to bill your marketing time to...

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