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Marketing Your Practice

To Grow Your Practice, Get Out of Your Comfort Zone

It's easy to get comfortable doing what you've always done. But if you want to grow your practice, it's time to work outside your ...

3 Tips That Make Networking Easier
Marketing Your Practice

3 Tips That Make Networking Easier (And More Successful)

Networking is a great way to grow your business, but it can also be hard. Read on to find out our top three networking tips.

Marketing Your Practice

How to Use Client and Professional Referrals to Get More Business (free ebook)

Increase your referral business by providing cash incentives to customers and colleagues who send clients your way.

Marketing Your Practice

Is Your Tax Practice Website Costing You Clients?

How do you know if your practice website needs to be updated? Take this quiz find out to what your site does well, and what you ne...

Marketing Your Practice

A Basic Guide to Using Email Marketing During Tax Season

Turns out, people actually like getting email – 95% of people find opt-in emails useful and 91% check their email at least once a ...

Marketing Your Practice

How to Advertise Your Tax Practice on the Radio

More than 90% of Americans listen to the radio every week, meaning if you're not advertising on the radio, you're missing out on a...

Marketing Your Practice

How to Market Your Tax Specialty to Your Target Niche

There are 1.2 million tax preparers in the United States. What sets you apart from your competitor down the street?

Marketing Your Practice

Grow Your Tax Practice With These Free Downloadable Marketing Tools

Shave hours off of your weekly marketing to-do list with these 5 free marketing templates you can download and use right away.

Marketing Your Practice

How to Increase Your Tax Practice's Website Traffic

Looking to step up your online marketing game this year? Here are two strategies you can use to increase your practice's website t...

Marketing Your Practice

Prep for Tax Season by Getting a Small Business Loan

Need cash? Consider getting a small business loan to cover seasonal expenses. Here’s what you need to know about applying for one.

Online presence
Marketing Your Practice

5 Ways to Improve Your Practice's Online Presence

Just having a website isn't enough. Here are 5 free strategies you can use to improve your practice's online presence and increase...

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