What is an Engagement Letter and Why Accountants Need Them

Engagement Letters are a critical tool in the accounting profession. They serve as a binding document between an accountant and their client, outlining the responsibilities and...

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4 Techniques for Maximizing Firm Productivity with Canopy

In the ever-evolving landscape of financial services, staying ahead requires expertise and the right tools to streamline operations and elevate client experiences. James Merante,...

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5 Keys to Success in the Evolving Accounting Industry

The accounting industry is undergoing significant changes in today's fast-paced and technology-driven world. Integrating AI and technological advancements presents challenges and...

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2023 Tax Season: the Numbers, the Challenges, and the Wins

In the fast-paced accounting environment, practice management software has become essential for efficient operations and streamlined workflows. The success of any software...

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Canopy Partner Connect

At Canopy, we understand how critical it is to have access to trusted and reliable partners who can help you achieve your goals. To assist you in finding the missing piece to your...

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Retaining and Recruiting Talent in Accounting Firms: 5 Proven...

With many accountants quitting in the past two years and the dwindling number of college students entering the accounting field, there is an increased focus on employee retention...

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Save More Time with Canopy’s Automated Workflow Templates

What's new: Recently we released the ability to automate tasks, subtasks, and client requests as subtasks within the Canopy Workflow module. We’re excited to share that you can...

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3 Genius Reasons to Automate Your Accounting Workflow

Accounting workflow software is an investment, and before going all in, you’d probably like to know what the return will be. The vague, non-technical, CliffsNotes answer to that...

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What Automation Can Do For Your Accounting Firm

Across all industries, businesses will run into necessary yet time-consuming repetitive tasks. The same is true for those in the accounting industry. So, what can you do to ease...

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Elements of an Effective Accounting Workflow Management System

Is your accounting firm intentional about process and workflow? If the answer is no, it’s only a matter of time until processes start breaking down. Without a well-defined...

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Top 5 Ways to Manage Workflow at Your Accounting Firm

Without the right processes in place, an office’s organization can quickly devolve into chaos, leaving employees feeling overwhelmed and scatter-brained. Implementing the best...

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Keys to Optimizing Workflow

The key to success for any accounting practice is optimizing your accounting firm’s workflow. When it comes to creating a successful accounting or CPA firm, even the smallest...

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Benefits of Workflow Management for Accountants

At this point, you may have heard about accounting accounting workflow software, but you may be asking yourself - "Do I really need it?" Then, with so many productivity solutions...

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