The Secret to Doubling Your Tax Resolution Business This Tax Season

Many tax pros have a habit of putting their tax resolution services on hold as tax prep season approaches--but this is a mistake. For practitioners who offer tax resolution...

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How To Increase Web Traffic To Your Accounting Firm | Canopy

The business world is going digital, now more than ever before. Your potential clients are googling your business before they ever pick up the phone to call you, so ensuring that...

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New Feature: Pull IRS Transcripts in as Little as 2 Minutes

Transcripts is one of Canopy’s most talked about features, and we’re now offering a free trial. That means you get access to:

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The Best Way to Quickly Find [Good] Tax Articles

You know that keeping up with the ever-changing tax landscape is an important part of being a successful tax pro. But who has time to stumble around the internet, hoping to...

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The Ultimate Tax Resolution Workflow (Infographic)

Tax resolution cases require a lot of information from your clients. That means that you likely spend a lot of time preparing paperwork to send to clients and then waiting around...

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Prep for Tax Season by Getting a Small Business Loan

Tax filing season—which starts January 1st and ends April 15th—is by far the busiest time of year for tax professionals. A 60-hour, six-day workweek is not uncommon for many CPAs....

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New Form: California Form FTB 3561

You know that filling out every form for your client's tax resolution case is one of the most time-consuming aspects of tax work. But that's all about to change. If you're a tax...

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FAQ About Canopy’s 2-Minute Transcripts Tool

Q: Is Canopy IRS compliant? Yes, Canopy complies with all published requirements by the IRS. The IRS has several requirements for tax software solutions to ensure compliance,...

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We Legal, APC: Canopy’s Intuitive Interface Makes Employee Onboarding...

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Hurwitz Tax Solutions: Canopy’s Collections Workflow Reduces...

The volume of paperwork that goes with tax resolution can put a strain on client relationships—especially when they’re already being bombarded and overwhelmed by the IRS. But...

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5 Perks of Running Your Own Tax Practice

Practice ownership can have many challenges. To name a few, your income can be unpredictable – you are responsible for the financial well-being of your employees and the last one...

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Renew your PTIN in 5 Easy Steps

You made it through another crazy Thanksgiving, which means it’s officially the 2016 Holiday Season! For most people that means it’s time to put on some nostalgic music and dust...

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8 Common Tax Resolution Methods You Should be Using

There are a myriad of tax resolution methods that tax professionals can use to help their clients on the state, local, and federal level. Tax agencies provide a variety of these...

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5 Ways to Improve Your Practice's Online Presence

So your practice has a website. In fact, you have more than just a website. You have listings on Google Local and Yelp. You have a Facebook page for your business. You might even...

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8 Steps To Add Tax Resolution To Your Practice | Canopy

So you decided to take the leap and add tax resolution to your practice. Congratulations! You're well on your way to doubling your monthly income and discovering a new sense of...

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