Earn Your CPE Credits with Canopy's CPE Series

It's about that time – the year is winding down and you're hard at work checking off your pre-tax-season checklist. One thing that should be on the top of your list? Earning those...

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A Tale of Two Tax Pros: How Much Money is Tax Resolution Worth?

This is another tale of our two favorite tax professionals: Canopy Ken and Owen Oldschool. As we've chronicled before, Ken and Owen are remarkably similar guys who live...

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How to Get Power of Attorney

In order to start representing clients in tax disputes, you need to be certified as a CPA, an attorney, or an enrolled agent. Any of these certifications will allow you to work...

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A Basic Intro to Doubt as to Liability

Doubt as to liability is a form of Offer in Compromise that comes into play when a taxpayer doesn’t actually owe the tax the IRS claims they do. This isn’t a question of amount or...

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Why You Should Stop Filling Out IRS Forms ASAP

Tax work is full of simple tasks that seem systematically designed to devour your time. These time-eaters—things like defining simple terms for your client via email, writing the...

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A Tale of Two Tax Pros: The Trial of IRS Transcripts

This is a tale of two tax professionals: Canopy Ken, and Owen Oldschool. Ken and Owen are remarkably similar guys who live astonishingly similar lives—both born in 1975, both...

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How to Use IRS Transcripts to Detect Identity Fraud

Tax return fraud has skyrocketed in the past few years. The emergence of new technologies has allowed hackers and criminals to find many new ways to steal taxpayers’ information...

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Create the Perfect Engagement Letter in 7 Steps

You know you should be using engagement letters in your tax resolution cases, but you're just not sure what your engagement letter should look like. Or maybe you’ve finally...

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3 Reasons Engagement Letters are Critical to Your Practice

Engagement letters are the foundation of the legal relationship between tax professionals and their clients. They are letters that, once signed by both you and your client,...

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How to Become Authorized to Access IRS Transcripts (free ebook)

If you're not utilizing client transcripts, you should be! While IRS transcripts are notorious for being convoluted, in the hands of a tax professional who knows how to read them,...

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3 Common Tax Transcripts You Should Be Using

Tax transcripts are treasure troves of information. Accessing and deciphering that information, however, is another thing entirely. Until recently, accessing and translating...

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How to Find the Right LinkedIn Groups to Grow Your Tax Practice

So you want to be a LinkedIn superstar. You’re committed to curating a professional profile, connecting with all the right people, and occasionally even publishing fantastic,...

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A Basic Intro to Lien, Levy, and Garnishment Release

For the average person, receiving a collections notice from the IRS is a very stressful experience, especially if they can’t pay. For a tax practitioner, however, a client in...

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A Tax Pro's Guide to Using Social Media

Imagine that Ashley Miller, CPA, wants to develop a social media presence for her practice. She googles "social media for tax pros" to find a place to start and immediately gets...

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Video: How To Get More Tax Resolution Clients

You're a tax professional. You can work numbers like Eric Clapton works a guitar. You are a veritable god of Excel. The IRM is... okay, the IRM is still a pain, but it's no longer...

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