How To Grow Your Tax Practice

When you start your career in accounting, it is beneficial to work for a larger firm for a few years. You can learn essential business skills, make connections with seasoned...

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How To Communicate With Tax Resolution Clients | Canopy

Here is the second part of an interview we did with Jassen Bowman. Here we discussed how he has perfected the methods of communication with his tax resolution clients and tax...

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5 Reasons Accountants Need a Facebook Page

With the rise of social media and online marketing, tax practices have an opportunity to better connect with their local communities. How does Facebook advertising make a...

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Interview with Jassen Bowman: His Start in Tax Resolution and...

Canopy was excited to chat with Jassen Bowman, a tax firm growth coach, tax resolution marketing expert, author, and consultant. You can see a lot of his work at...

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Understanding the Millennial Employees in Your Accounting Firm

What are millennials looking for in an accounting career? How can you manage millennial employees in your accounting firm? What makes millennials different than Baby Boomers and...

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Interview with TaxMama®: How to Start a Career in Tax Resolution

Canopy was honored to interview Eva Rosenberg, more commonly known as the Internet's TaxMama®. Enrolled Agent, author of McGraw-Hill's "Small Business Taxes Made Easy," and...

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3 Ways to Market Your Tax Resolution Firm

There are a variety of marketing strategies, technologies, and methods you can use to market your tax resolution firm. You can experiment with multiple methods and marketing...

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5 Ways a Tax Resolution CRM Increases Revenue

Tax resolution services and client relationship management go hand in hand, as resolving tax controversies can be a highly specialized process. As you scale your tax resolution...

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Generate Leads for your Tax Practice with LinkedIn

LinkedIn ranks number one for lead generation over any other social media platform. Are you using LinkedIn to build your tax practice?

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Tax Industry Update: July 2015

Enrolled Agent salaries: In 2013, enrolled agents made an average of $75,000 per year. Enrolled agents with one to three years of work experience can make up to $85,000. Enrolled...

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Marketing Your Tax Resolution Practice

With 61% of global internet users researching products and companies online, your tax resolution practice needs an online presence. To attract customers to your tax resolution...

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Resources to Help You Succeed with Canopy

Customer success is important to us at Canopy! We want everyone who uses our accounting software to be successful and have a great experience. So we've rounded up a few resources...

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How to Become an Enrolled Agent

An enrolled agent is a federally-certified tax practitioner who can represent taxpayers before all administrative levels of the Internal Revenue Service. Enrolled agents help...

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New Feature: The Canopy Client Survey

Tax resolution has never been simple. From individuals filing incomplete or incorrect tax returns to company-wide audits, situations vary and require an immense amount of time...

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Canopy: Tax Resolution Software Built With You in Mind

The tax resolution industry is one of the most under-served areas in accounting. Every year, there are over 8 million delinquent tax accounts. Despite the large number of tax...

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