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New Feature: Pull IRS Transcripts in as Little as 2 Minutes

We released a new feature that speeds up the process in pulling IRS transcripts in just 2 minutes. Stop wasting time, learn how to...

Canopy Features and News

FAQ About Canopy’s 2-Minute Transcripts Tool

How does Canopy securely pull transcripts in less than 2 minutes? Is Canopy IRS compliant? Your questions answered here.

Canopy Features and News

New Form: California Form FTB 3561

Canopy is excited to announce the release of California Form FTB 3561, an addition to the CA Form FTB 3567 and the CA Power of Att...

Canopy Features and News

IRS Transcripts in 2 Minutes

Canopy users are loving Instant Transcripts – a painless way to pull and read IRS transcripts in as little as two minutes. Learn h...

Canopy Features and News

New Feature: Improved Contact List Management

We released a new feature that made improvements to the contact list management on Canopy's platform. Learn what's changed & how i...

Canopy Features and News

New Feature: Penalty Abatement Made Easy (VIDEO)

The Penalty Abatement Assistant asks tailored questions that lead to an automated recommendation in minutes.

Canopy Features and News

Resources to Help You Succeed with Canopy

Today we're sharing a few resources available to make your Canopy experience excellent, including built-in and live support. Learn...

Canopy Features and News

New Feature: The Canopy Client Survey

We released a new feature that allows you to gather important information easily & safely through an online Client Survey. See det...

Canopy Features and News

Canopy: Tax Resolution Software Built With You in Mind

Tax resolution professionals and their clients can experience an innovative and automated tax resolution process with Canopy.

Canopy Features and News

Interview Series with Canopy's Founder, Kurt Avarell

Kurt Avarell answers a series of questions on industry frustrations & how Canopy was designed to improve the relationship between ...

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