Dave Nielsen

Dave Nielsen lives in Salt Lake City. He holds a PhD from the University of Cincinnati and writes regularly about business and healthcare.

How to Get Transcripts Online

Canopy recently partnered with the IRS to provide exclusive access to tax transcripts through our Transcripts & Notices service.

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The Easiest Way to Implement a New Practice Management Software

Hey, I get it. You’re not reading this article for fun. You’re reading because you’re worried about implementing a new practice management software for your accounting firm.

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What is a WISP for Accounting and How To Get One

In accounting, WISP stands for Written Information Security Plan. A WISP is a document that accountants are required by law to create. A WISP is your strategy or game plan for...

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Technology for Accounting Firms: How Tech Makes a Firm Stand Out

Incorporating the right technology into your accounting firm can set your firm apart from the competition, help you win new customers, and maintain loyalty of the customers you...

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Accounting Software vs. Practice Management Software

Are you looking for accounting software or practice management software? Or, are you still not sure? Well, we can help! There’s actually a big difference between a practice...

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Earn Free CPE and CE Credits Quickly and Easily

Don’t look now, but the end of the year is almost here. Parties, family get-togethers, ski vacations no doubt. Oh, and don’t forget about reaching your yearly CPE and CE credits...

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The Importance of Client Management Software for Accounting Firms

Canopy recently commissioned an independent research firm to survey 150 US-based accountants.

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Document Management Best Practices Accountants Should Follow

Your document management system is a big part of your accounting firm’s success. At least you hope that it is. It could also be the weak spot that prevents your firm from growing....

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Canopy Wins G2’s Fall Implementation Award

Get your drum rolls out and start drumming: Canopy’s Practice Management software for accounting firms just won a G2 Fall 2022 badge for Most Implementable! If you’re wondering...

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How to Get Free Transcripts Online

Are you an accountant who used to be able to pull transcripts for your clients using a third-party software, then sometime last year, that service stopped working—and now you have...

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Finding the Best Document Management System for Your Accounting Firm

If you want to grow your accounting business, win new customers, and continue to provide an amazing service then having a talented team by itself might not be enough. You’re going...

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What are the Benefits of a Document Management System for Accountants?

A sharp, well-organized document management system benefits your accounting firm in important ways. An upgraded, industry-leading document management system will bring 3 massive...

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How Accountants Can Leverage Accounting Practice Management Software

How can accountants leverage practice management software to be more efficient? Three things. One, they can learn what accounting practice management software is and what it’s...

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3 Genius Reasons to Automate Your Accounting Workflow

Accounting workflow software is an investment, and before going all in, you’d probably like to know what the return will be. The vague, non-technical, CliffsNotes answer to that...

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