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PPIAvsOIC-Which is Better
Tax Resolution

Partial Payment Installment Agreement Vs. Offer in Compromise: Which is Better?

How do you know whether a PPIA or an OIC is better for a client who owes the IRS back taxes? What are the differences? Learn it al...

Tax Resolution

How to Use the Collections Expiration Date to Your Advantage

Understanding how the CSED is calculated by the IRS and how to use it to your advantage in a case is vital for tax pros.

Tax Resolution

What You Need to Know About Innocent Spouse Relief Cases

Since filing errors can significantly affect married taxpayers who file jointly, the IRS offers Innocent Spouse Relief.

Tax Resolution

The Secret to Doubling Your Tax Resolution Business This Tax Season

In the face of 2.5 months of inescapable tax talk, people with tax problems are more motivated than ever to get that problem solve...

Tax Resolution

The Ultimate Tax Resolution Workflow (Infographic)

With new practice management software solutions, tax pros can streamline the tax resolution workflow process and maximize efficien...

8-tax resolution methods-1
Tax Resolution

8 Common Tax Resolution Methods You Should be Using

We’ve compiled a list of the most commonly used tax resolution practices so you can decide which option is best for your client.

8-tax resolution methods
Tax Resolution

Add Tax Resolution to Your Practice in 8 Steps (Downloadable Checklist)

Adding tax resolution boils down to 8 manageable steps. Plus, we've also included a downloadable version that you can print and ke...

Tax Resolution

A Tale of Two Tax Pros: How Much Money is Tax Resolution Worth?

The real question is this: How much money is Owen really missing out on by giving up on tax resolution?

Tax Resolution

How to Get Power of Attorney

One of the first steps to getting certified to represent your client in a tax dispute with the IRS is getting Power of Attorney on...

Negotiate tax administration cases
Tax Resolution

How to Successfully Negotiate Effective Tax Administration Cases

In order to get your ETA case accepted, you'll have to convince the IRS that accepting the offer will be in their best interests.

Tax Resolution

A Basic Intro to Doubt as to Liability

Get a better understanding of Doubt as to Liability in case your client experiences this, and how you can help. Download the full ...

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