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Tax Resolution

Negotiating an Appeal if Your OIC is Rejected

Former Revenue Officer Jeffrey McNeal offers advice for negotiating an appeal if your offer gets rejected.

Tax Resolution

Doubt as to Liability & Effective Tax Administration

We've compiled helpful tips from an ex-IRS agent on how you can use doubt as to liability & effective tax administration offers to...

Tax Resolution

Doubt as to Collectibility: How to Keep Your Offer from Getting Flagged by the IRS

Check out these insider tips from an ex-IRS agent on how to keep your doubt as to collectibility offer in compromise from getting ...

Tax Resolution

3 Alternatives to Offer in Compromise

Tax attorney Nushin Zarrabi takes a look at alternatives to OIC that you can provide to your clients when OIC isn't right for them...

Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution IRS Form Glossary

We’ve compiled a tax resolution IRS form glossary for any resolution case you’re working on.

Tax Resolution

How to Navigate Form 433

This blog post discusses how to navigate Form 433-A, as well as how it differs from other Forms 433.

Tax Resolution

3 Ways to Get an IRS Lien Withdrawn

Check out this excerpt from our free Liens and Levies ebook to find 3 ways to get a lien withdrawn.

Tax Resolution

Tax Resolution Article Roundup

Looking for information about tax resolution? We've got you covered. We've gathered all our best tax resolution articles in one pl...

Tax Resolution

How to Earn Up to $500 an Hour Outside of Tax Season

Want to make hundreds of dollars an hour more outside of tax season? The good news is you can by offering tax resolution services....

Tax Resolution

How to Handle a Trust Fund Recovery Case in 6 Steps with Canopy

The main defense you have for negotiating these cases is proving your client wasn't responsible for payment.

Tax Resolution

Why the Government Takes Trust Fund Tax Evasion So Seriously

If trust fund taxes aren’t paid, the government cannot fund federal programs such as Medicare and Social Security.

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