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Apr 28, 2017 4 min read

Tax Resolution Article Roundup

Looking for information about tax resolution? We've got you covered. We've gathered all our best tax resolution articles in one place.

Tax Resolution Article Roundup

We’ve written a lot of tax resolution articles since launching this blog nearly three years ago. In fact, we’ve written so much tax resolution information on so many different topics that you could easily miss out on some of our best tax resolution content.

To make sure that doesn’t happen, we put together this roundup of all of our best tax resolution articles, organized by topic. Below, you’ll find articles on:

  • Getting Started with Tax Resolution
  • Finding Tax Resolution Clients
  • Tax Resolution Guides
  • How Canopy Makes Tax Resolution Easy


Getting Started with Tax Resolution

The Ultimate Guide to Tax Resolution for Tax Professionals

Free Ebook: 7 Big Reasons You Should Offer Tax Resolution

How to Start Offering Tax Resolution Services

How to Earn Up to $500 an Hour Outside of Tax Season

The Ultimate Tax Resolution Workflow (Infographic)

Add Tax Resolution to Your Practice in 8 Steps (Downloadable Checklist)

A Tale of Two Tax Pros: How Much Money is Tax Resolution Worth?

Get Authorized to Represent Tax Resolution Clients in 3 Steps

Finding Tax Resolution Clients

Why Millennials are a Tax Resolution Goldmine

Video: How to Get More Tax Resolution Clients

How to Convert a Tax Resolution Lead to a Client

How to Choose Tax Resolution Clients

How to Market Your Tax Specialty to Your Target Niche

Grow Your Tax Practice With These Free Downloadable Marketing Tools

4 Ways to Get More Tax Resolution Clients

Tax Resolution Guides

Getting Paid

How to Price Your Tax Resolution Services

The Strategic Pricing Guide for Tax Pros

Offer in Compromise

How to Successfully Negotiate Effective Tax Administration Cases

A Foolproof Guide to Getting Your Offer in Compromise Accepted

The Ultimate Guide to Offer in Compromise Rejections

A Basic Intro to Doubt as to Liability

6 Pro Hints for Preparing an Offer in Compromise

A Crash Course in State-Specific Offers in Compromise

Penalty Abatement

What You Need to Know About Common Tax Penalties

Trust Fund Recovery

How to Handle a Trust Fund Recovery Case in 6 Steps with Canopy

Why the Government Takes Trust Fund Recovery So Seriously

Innocent Spouse

What You Need to Know About Innocent Spouse Relief Cases

Partial Payment Installment Agreement

Partial Payment Installment Agreement vs. Offer in Compromise: Which is Better?

How to Use the Collections Expiration Date to Your Advantage

Liens, Levies, and Garnishments

A Basic Intro to Lien, Levy, and Garnishment Release

Tax Resolution Software

How Tax Resolution Automation Will Change Your Life

Why You Should Stop Filling Out IRS Forms Immediately


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